Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friends, Wizards, Zucchini Bread, and Dreadlocks

Where did the summer go? Yesterday I was just getting here, still questioning my living arrangements and where in the world I was going to work. Today, I am happily residing in three homes (not simultaneously, of course) and building my fashion resume by working at Aldo shoes. I can honestly say this summer has been the best yet. My friends and I have grown closer than ever before. Part of me thinks it's because last summer, with all of the excitement of the new chapter of our lives beginning, we did not take advantage of the solid friendship we had built for the past four years. Now, with the same monotonous routine of going back to school lying ahead, the fear of an unknown future before us, we're taking comfort in the familiar faces, places, and activities we once knew. Last night on our way home from the Harry Potter premier, reality struck. This is probably going to be the last summer when all four of us will be in Hanover at the same time for an extended period of time. One of us is moving to Winston Salem, NC, another will be living in Richmond, the other will more than likely be working at a summer camp in the mountains, and me? Well, I'm not quite sure about me yet. I will probably stay in Waco.

On a lighter note, I've been doing a lot to keep myself occupied on these summer nights. For one, I'm pretty sure I have consumed two entire loaves of my grandmother's zucchini bread and there are four more waiting for me in the freezer. My goal is to spread the rest out through the entire summer so I can savor every piece before I go back to Texas; however, I've still managed to lose the freshman ten I gained and then some. I'm not really sure how that worked out. No complaints here. I also attended a SOJA/OAR concert earlier this week. For those of you who do not know of these bands, their musical genre of interest is mostly reggae with a little bit of a jazz twist, consisting of trumpets and saxophones. Needless to say, the people who attended were almost more interesting than the bands themselves. Women who had no intentions of ever shaving again, countless tie-dye shirts, dreadlocks and the ever familiar smell of mary-jane in the air. How people can even begin to do that stuff is beyond me, but to each his own. I have also enjoyed late night car outings with Ali among other friends as well. We literally just jump in the car and drive around the Richmond metropolitan area for hours at a time then inevitably stop at McDonald's to grab a coffee (it's much cheaper than Starbucks and they are open all night!).

In other news, the boyfriend shall be arriving in Richmond on Wednesday to pay me a visit for a whole week! Needless to say, I am extremely thrilled to see him. Two months is way too long. Although, the time has gone by fairly quick. And, I have also purchased a brand new camera so I will definitely putting up pictures of the visit!

Fashion World:
HELP. I am spending way too much of my paycheck on shoes and accessories. I am ashamed to admit I may be a shopaholic. I guess there are worse things I could be, right? Right. I'm glad we got that settled.


  1. I can empathize ... in addition to 4 tops I really needed I added a pair of sandals I am pretty sure I dont need ... I am a Fashionista .. not a Shopaholic .. I am a Fashionista .. not a Shopaholic .. I am a Fashionista .. not a Shopaholic .. I am a Fashionista .. not a Shopaholic ..

  2. So glad that you are enjoying your summer. I can't wait to see you next month. JJ and I have been having fun with all your stuff. I don't fit in your clothes, but JJ does. :))