Saturday, April 2, 2011

Career Day

As I begrudgingly hit the dismiss button on my alarm clock at an early 5:30 am, I immediately became overwhelmed with excitement. CAREER DAY! I hopped out of bed, slipped on my oh so stylish I-line, long sleeved, open back, black floral dress and my nude heels. I then went through the necessary procedures of getting ready. Once we got our white mocha cinnamon dolce latte and skinny caramel macchiato Starbucks fix, we were ready to go. We arrived at the World Trade Center in Dallas at 7:30 and our day officially began.

Career Day is probably the biggest day for college Fashion majors around the United States. There are seminars, keynote speakers, and a fashion show. Finally! a place I could be where everyone cared about fashion as much as me. 

I attended seminars on merchandise buying, fashion trends, and styling. My favorite seminar was, hands down, without-a-doubt, the seminar on fashion trends. Why, do you ask? DAVID WOLFE. Anyone associated with the fashion world knows who this wonderful man has done for the industry. Known as "the Grandfather of Forecasting", David Wolfe introduced the idea in Paris in the seventies to, instead of figuring out what is in style now, to figure out what will stylish in the near future. He was also the illustrator for Vogue magazine for twenty years. He worked one-on-one with famous designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld and many more. Needless to say, I was star struck. I even got to shake the man's hand!

Much of the information he presented to us, however, was slightly disturbing. He said that 2012 will be the year of a huge shift in fashion and that we are finally moving into the twenty first century. We are beginning to create garments that function for more reasons than aesthetics. They have created garments that release scent from your body heat, real iron man suits, and boots that create energy just from walking around in them. He also mentioned that by the year 2045, there will be more computer intelligence than human intelligence in the world. Computers will be able to create better versions of themselves with no help from humans. In a matter of years, there will be no such thing as a fashion designer and everything we could possibly think of to create will have already been created. 

Kind of a scary thought, no?

On a less terrifying note, David Wolfe also discussed the TOP trends for the up-and-coming year:
-Florals: both large botanicals and ditsy florals
-Bold Colors
-White Out: wearing white from head to toe
-Back to the basics: wearing simple, looser clothing with no accessories
- Maxi dresses
-Long skirts
-Classic jeans
-Wide leg pants
-Delicate fabrics

These are a few of the many trends the great David Wolfe mentioned. I will be owning all of these things (if I don't already) come fall. I feel like this season will bring in some classic pieces that will never go out of style unlike the past decade when everything has been trendy and all about the "wow factor".

New Fashion Icon: Kate Middleton

Do we have a new Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy in our midst? Dear Lord, I hope so.

Goodbye Lady Gaga and your weirdness. We're tired of your shocking and costume choices wearing bubbles and meat. We want someone with class. 

Favorite Quote from Career Day: "When you are following your dreams and contacting people, start at the top of the list and work your way down. The worst they can say is no."- David Wolfe